Flynn Campaign Announces
Interactive Medicare For All Town Hall Series

Events include expert panel and healthcare video testimonials to John Faso


KINGSTON, NY – Today, Congressional Candidate Brian Flynn announced the roll out of a series of Interactive Medicare For All-themed town halls taking place across the district throughout the month of May. A panel of medical experts and special guests will discuss why Medicare for All is the best healthcare system for our country. They will also answer questions from audience members and people participating on social media. Additionally, audience members will have the opportunity to film healthcare testimonials that will be compiled and delivered to Congressman John Faso, who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“The Trump administration and Congressional Republicans are talking about renewed attempts to sabotage, and ultimately destroy, the ACA and other healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Though they may not have finished the job yet, we’re already seeing insurers dropping out of the system, premiums rising, and rural hospitals closing because of the instability in the markets their attacks have created,” Flynn said. “Healthcare isn’t a privilege for those who can afford it, it is a right. Nobody should have to choose between making sure their family is healthy and paying their bills. A Medicare For All system would ensure that every American has access to affordable, quality healthcare and that their economic status does not keep them from seeing the doctor or specialist they need.”

Brian Flynn for Congress | Medicare For All Town Halls | New York District 19Flynn, who has been advocating for Medicare For All since 2004 added that, “This is not just a matter of ensuring families receive affordable, good healthcare, it’s also an economic issue. The healthcare industry is the biggest jobs sector in every county across the district, and the ACA created 500k across the country. Even more reason we have to ensure the system is not only stabilized but thriving.” Flynn continued.

The town halls will take place Wednesday evenings through the month of May:

  • May 2nd – Kingston – The Church House – 355 Hasbrouck Ave., Kingston; 7pm – 8:30pm
  • May 9th – Brunswick – Elk’s Lodge – 665 Brunswick Rd., Troy; 6pm – 7:30pm
  • May 23rd – Liberty – Fire Hall – 256 Sprague Ave., Liberty; 6pm – 7:30pm  NEW LOCATION!!
  • May 30th – Oneonta – Town Hall – 3966 State Highway 23, West Oneonta; 6pm – 7:30pm

Flynn, who will serve as moderator, has assembled the panel of local medical experts including:

Dr. Maggie Carpenter, Medical Director for Ulster County Hudson Valley Hospice, teacher at the Mid-Hudson Family Practice Residency and private practitioner at Nightingale Medical.

Dr. Carl Atkins, Hospice Medical Director in Columbia and Greene Counties, community physician for over 35 years, and board-certified oncologist, former Chief of the Division of Hematology-Oncology at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany.

Dr. Fabio Danisi, Associate Director of Neurology at MidHudson Regional Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurology at New York Medical College.

Dr. Anthony Albano, Cancer researcher, retired former staff at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and Director of Research/Deputy Director at a National Cancer Institute-Designated Basic Science Cancer Center.

David McNary, MBA, Presence Mercy Medical Center, with over fifteen years experience in healthcare consulting in both urban and rural hospitals, hospital systems, and military hospitals.

Peter Morley, patient advocate and healthcare activist who has worked with a number of elected officials including Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and members of the Senate HELP Committee.

There is also an interactive component, including a Q&A session with panelists answering questions from both the audience as well as social media participants who can watch the live broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live.