Other Hudson Valley Article | Candidates for Congress NY #19 | Who Has Served

by Roger Hannigan Gilson
April 2018

A friend of mine was mid-way through a rant about President Trump when he brought up an interesting point.

“You have to wonder about the motivations of someone who has never held political office before, or done anything for the country, when they suddenly decide to jump into the political ring when they’re like, 70,” he said.

The statement made me wonder: what have the NY-19 congressional candidates done for humanity? Not now, once they have announced their candidacies, but beforehand?

Not one of the seven democratic primary candidates have held elected office before, but this does not mean they are bereft of the nectar of altruism. The candidates have served the public, to greater and lesser degrees, through charitable works, holding government jobs, and serving in the military.

The following is part one of a three-part series wherein I ask the candidates: What have YOU done?


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