VOTEPROCHOICE Recommends Brian Flynn for Congress NY19

Flynn is only candidate chosen for the distinction in the district

Kingston, NY – The Brian Flynn for Congress campaign announced today that they have been chosen as a recommended candidate by Vote Pro-Choice, a national organization dedicated to the promotion of women’s reproductive rights. According to the organization, Brian Flynn is the only candidate in the district to be recommended by the group.

“An attack on a woman’s reproductive rights is an attack on her economic freedom. A woman should have the right to choose when and how she has a family – not a group of predominantly male legislators in Washington DC. That’s why I am proud to be the recommended candidate by this dedicated advocacy group protecting women’s reproductive rights.  This issue is about empowering women, socially, politically and economically to make their own decisions about their bodies, their families and their futures,” Flynn stated.

Flynn, whose Plan For the American Worker includes policies that protect choice and codifies true reproductive justice, says the Trump administration has “Waged a war on women’s health and reproductive rights.”

As one of his first acts as president, Trump cast a sweeping policy limiting access to safe abortion services. He also rolled back federal requirements for employers to cover birth control, as well as Planned Parenthood federal funding which greatly affects low income women who rely on the cancer screening services and affordable birth control. The administration also backed a 20-week abortion ban bill that passed through the house last year. Congressman John Faso – also a reliable anti-choice vote – voted for both the 20 week ban on abortion bill and the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood.

“Even beyond choice, we need to go further and fight for true reproductive justice that includes access to contraceptives, effective sexual education programs, and if a woman does decide to have a baby – access to high quality healthcare and education,” Flynn concluded.

Vote Pro-Choice is a national organization that educates and empowers women to fight for legislation and candidates who will stand up and protect choice.

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