I first met Cheryl and Cris while on the campaign trail, at a “meet and greet.” They live in Saugerties, and they’re been together for 26 years, and have been married since 2015, thanks to the Marraige Equality Act.

Cheryl, who’s lived in Ulster County since 1989, is a social worker and political activist—”I’ve been an activist since the 60s!”—and Cris is a farrier. (That means she shoes horses.)

They’re exactly the sort of progressives that work hard, and aren’t just working for themselves. They’re also working hard to make the world a better place for all their neighbors.

And, right now, as Cris says, “We’re sick and tired of Donald Trump and John Faso.”

“We’re backing Brian because we think he’s the candidate who can beat John Faso.”

“Brian has thought deeply about his policies and how to make them happen,” says Cheryl. “He has the ideas and the drive to change things.

“It’s so clear that Brian can beat John Faso.”

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