I first met Ryan when he joined his wife Aimee at an Otsego County Young Democrat event. Ryan manages SUNY Oneonta’s IT support desk and has been an adjunct lecturer in computer sciences, while Aimee is an Assistant Director at SICAS, a group who does software modification and support for the SUNY schools, state-wide.

We’ve met and talked a number of times over the past year and a half, not only because they’re impassioned, young democrats, but because they’re both interested—professionally and politically—in finding solutions.

“What I like most about Brian is that he’s not just aspirational, he’s practical.”

“Brian doesn’t just have positions, he has policies. And he knows all the facts and figures behind them.

“He always carries around this little notebook, and whenever someone says something that’s new to him, or makes him question something he’s been thinking about, he writes it down—and then he follows up on it!

“Brian’s not some policy wonk, but he knows and talks policy inside and out. For him it’s all about figuring out how to actually get things done.”


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