Miranda Behan and her husband Pete are small business owners—their business is Behan’s Garage, an auto repair shop in Hurleyville, a small town smack in the middle of our 19th District.

Miranda and her family have inspired me, in my run for Congress.

“My husband, Pete, use to fix cars out of our own home garage. Over the years, as our son grew older, we realized he had some learning issues—he was having trouble in school—but he’s really good at fixing things, too. Just like Pete.

“We needed to do something to help insure our son’s future. So, we used our life’s savings—every penny we had!—to buy a garage on main street. So now, our son works alongside his dad.

“But it’s been hard. We don’t get the sort of tax breaks the big company’s get—but small businesses like ours, we’re the backbone of the community. We’re what makes a little town like ours a town. We’re your neighbors.

“We’re not looking for handouts. We’re looking for someone who will pay attention to us. Someone who will fight for us.

“And I know Brian will fight for us, and Brian will fight for small businesses like ours.”

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