Brian Flynn is a life-long progressive, entrepreneur and small business owner. He is the third generation in his family to call Greene County home.

Flynn has a bold, inclusive, economic plan to rebuild and revitalize NY19 by putting the needs of everyday people over the ultra wealthy and corporations. That means creating an America that works for everybody.

His Plan For the American Worker addresses the economic pain and anxiety people across the country have been feeling for decades. Not only does it create jobs, it also removes the barriers that have kept struggling families down for decades. progressive reforms and policies including; investments in green energy technology, protections that support women in the workforce, anti-discrimination laws for the LGBTQ and immigrant communities, reprioritizing the public education system, training and retraining for 21st century jobs, reinvigorating unions, and measures to reduce racial, ethnic, and economic disparities in the criminal justice system.

It’s going to take a proven leader to get the Plan For the American Worker over the finish line – a leader who has fought for progressive causes, created hundreds of good paying American jobs and who’s actually gotten things done in Congress. Flynn is the only candidate who has done all three.