Brian Flynn for Congress | Immigration | Statue of Liberty

As the grandson of four Irish immigrants, I believe in the power of immigration to grow and diversify a country and an economy. My people came here to escape religious and economic persecution, but they came with no special skills other than their character and work ethic. My grandfather was an undocumented immigrant for years. We need comprehensive immigration reform …

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Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Hudson Valley 360 | Brian Flynn for Congress NY District 19 | Flynn Touts experience and goals in Chatham

I believe that every American – regardless of race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or sexual identity – is entitled to the same set of basic human rights and civil liberties. And with a President who openly provides cover to white nationalists, the fight for civil rights and liberties remains as important now as ever before religion. LGBTQ Rights: I …

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Elder Justice

Brian Flynn for Congress

Brian believes a society is judged by how we treat our most vulnerable. Today, one in three older Americans are economically insecure and more than a quarter of nursing home abuse goes unreported to authorities. Seniors deserve to live with dignity, free from worry, neglect, poverty and the injustice that stems from financial limitations, a lack of available resources and …

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Gun Safety

Brian lives in Greene County, a place where hunting and guns are a way of life. But he and his neighbors – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike – all agree that we can support the 2nd amendment while improving gun safety and reducing gun violence at the same time. Brian believes we can’t let special interests like the NRA gun …

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