Brian lives in Greene County, a place where hunting and guns are a way of life. But he and his neighbors – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike – all agree that we can support the 2nd amendment while improving gun safety and reducing gun violence at the same time.

Brian believes we can’t let special interests like the NRA gun lobby – and their bought and paid for politicians – stand in the way of common sense reforms.

In fact, nearly all Americans, including 97% of Republicans, believe in Universal background checks, proven to be the single most effective gun violence prevention measure. States that have implemented this have seen gun violence reduced by more than half. And 94% of Americans want to close loopholes like those for internet, gun show and private sales.

Yet Congress does nothing. Brian understands that we must remove money from politics. Until we do, elected officials like John Faso – one of Congress’ top recipients of NRA donations and expenditures – will continue to put the needs of their wealthy donors and special interests like the gun lobby over the lives of constituents.

At the end of the day, children shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they will be gunned down at school or on the streets of their neighborhood.

But even beyond school children, more people in the United States are killed by guns than they are in car accidents. This includes women, who are 16 times more likely to be killed by guns in the US than in any other developed country, and more often than not, as the result of domestic violence.

Our communities are being decimated by gun violence.

That’s why Brian is calling for real solutions now. These include:

  • Getting weapons of war and accessories like bump stocks out of the hands of civilians
  • Universal background checks to make sure that people who shouldn’t access guns can’t.
  • Closing gun show, internet and private sale loopholes
  • Ending the special liability loophole for gun manufacturers
  • Treating gun violence as a public health issue. That means repealing the Dickey Amendment so that public health agencies can access the funding they need to research gun violence and prevention.
  • Ensuring people have access to quality, affordable mental health care and violence diversion programs
  • Getting special interest money out of politics. Brian has pledged never to take campaign contributions from any corporate PAC, including the NRA and the gun lobby

Brian believes that we should treat gun safety like we treat traffic safety. Saving lives should always be the priority, not politics.

Recipient of the “Moms Demand Action Gun Safety Candidate Distinction”

Moms Demand Action | Gun Sense Endorsement | Brian Flynn Gun Sense Candidate

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