MEDICARE FOR ALL: Brian believes affordable healthcare that isn’t tied to your job is an important part of everyone’s financial security. That’s why he’s helped lead the fight for Medicare for All for almost 15 years, and will continue the fight once elected to Congress. He understands that access to quality, affordable healthcare will not only create better health outcomes but also lower costs, create jobs and grow our economy. His team of healthcare advisors has developed a plan based on the best parts of the bills before Congress with significant improvements that will achieve these goals. Read the Executive Summary – Preliminary Draft Here.

WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE cannot be treated differently from everyone else’s healthcare. That includes family planning, contraception, paid family leave and treatment and counseling for sexual assault. By providing affordable healthcare that is not tied to your job, Medicare for All will help ensure access to the healthcare women deserve. Read more about Women’s Healthcare.

THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC: The opioid crisis requires immediate action. It is a problem related to substance use disorder, a mental health issue, not a criminal justice issue. Medicare for All will help improve access to mental health treatment and addiction services. We must help those who seek help get into recovery and provide services for the many others with depression and other mental health issues to prevent addiction in the first place. Read about Brian’s plan to address the opioid epidemic.

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia and the second most common cause of death for those over 65. It is a typical example of a chronic disease that is a major burden on families and the healthcare system. For Brian, this has been a very personal issue since his mother developed the disease years ago and his father is experiencing early signs. Making sure we have the resources to help families cope with chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease is important not only to the individual families, but to the health of our economy. Medicare for All will help by emphasizing the coordination of care and paying for services whether provided in the hospital, nursing home or at home, lowering costs and relieving families of huge financial burdens. Read more about what we can do to help Alzheimer’s patients and their families.